A Search for PRINCE2 Principles in the PMBOK Guide

Undoubtedly, the PMBOK Guide and PRINCE2 are the two most important and widely-used project management standards today. How compatible are they? This is the subject of many interesting articles around the web. I’m going to discuss the topic in a very narrow, but slightly deeper way: how compatible PRINCE2 core principles are with the PMBOK Guide.

PRINCE2 provides us with 7 core principles, needed for the success of any project. You can imagine the rest of the standard as a method of realizing those principles. However, I should mention that what I said before is the way I look at PRINCE2, and some people might not agree with me.

Anyway, usually no one questions the importance of core principles and the level of effect they have on the whole standard. That’s why I’m going to explain this particular part of PRINCE2 and try to map it on the PMBOK Guide.

[ A Search for PRINCE2 Principles in the PMBOK Guide ]

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