Oh, don’t you have a PM certificate?!

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I used to be against certifications until 6 years ago. The main reasons were that:

I used to, and I still do, see many certified people who don’t know much about the subject. The certificate doesn’t really prove anything, so why bother? And,
I used to be good in the topic, and I didn’t feel like I have to prove it to others by passing an exam and getting a piece of paper (or PDF file).

But I gave up! You know why? Because…

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Zero Tolerance in PRINCE2: a Big Misunderstanding

PRINCE2 Tolerances

It’s common to misunderstand the PRINCE2 tolerances, because the term “tolerance” in PRINCE2 is not the same as one used in the common language. Let’s take a look at it.

Tolerance in the common language

When there’s a target, and you have a tolerance for it, it usually means that the goal is to reach that target, and deviations within the tolerance level would be… tolerated! The deviation is OK.

If you have many deviations within the tolerance, you would be warned, because it’s an early warning that future values might get outside the tolerance. However, you usually accept the outputs within the tolerance.

Tolerance in PRINCE2

We have targets and tolerances in PRINCE2 as well. However, we should always meet the targets and no deviation is accepted (unless otherwise mentioned in the setup). PRINCE2 tolerances are only used to show who should decide on the corrective action.

Let’s take a stage as an example. It’s planned to be done in 3 months ± 2 weeks, with €80k ± €15k.

We’re in the second week of the stage, and our forecast for the completion date is 3 months + 4 days. In this case, the Project Manager shouldimmediately think of a solution, and implement it. If the forecast is 3 months + 3 weeks, it would be outside the tolerance level and therefore the Project Board should decide on how to fix the problem instead of the Project Manager; the issue is escalated.

The same happens in other levels; for example, between the Project Manager and a Team Manager, based on the tolerances defined for the Work Package.

A PRINCE2 tolerance doesn’t say that it’s OK to have certain deviations; it’s only about “Manage by Exception”.

Setting the Tolerances

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PRINCE2 Agile Certification

PRINCE2 Agile is the new standard from AXELOS (the owner of PRINCE2), which explains how to tailor PRINCE2 to be used in Agile environments. It doesn’t include its own Agile delivery method, and supports the existing ones (e.g. Scrum) instead.

I was involved in the preparation of PRINCE2 Agile as a reviewer.

You can find a complete explanation on the new PRINCE2 Agile certification, including the frequency of different topics in the exam and a couple of sample questions.

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PRINCE2 Awareness, free email course

I’ve been trying to find a way to make it as easy as possible for many people to learn the basics of PRINCE2 project management method, and the result was this course: PRINCE2 Awareness, One Step a Day

The whole course is delivered to the participant’s email box; one lesson per day. Lessons are very short and simple. They need only 2 or 3 minutes per day, and one can also read them on a mobile phone in the way to work, or at any otherwise wasted time.


PRINCE2 Awareness course