Detailed PRINCE2 Process Map

This free PRINCE2 poster consists of the following:

  • A process diagram which shows all the PRINCE2 processes, activities, and actions, with their relationships.
  • A responsibility chart
  • A principles chart
  • A themes chart
  • An overall framework chart

It is designed to fit in a 100×70 cm paper.

Detailed PRINCE2 Process Map

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23 thoughts on “Detailed PRINCE2 Process Map

  1. In the activity list on the rate, the last column says “Desc”

    The values in this column range from A1 to A26. What do these values represent?

    1. It’s a replication of the “Product Description available” column in responsibilities’ tables of the PRINCE2 manual, which are explained in Appendix A of the manual. These items are management products of the project and should be defined; Appendix A is just sample definitions, you should always tailor the standard.

  2. Thanks, this poster has been very helpful.
    Do you have templates for the documentation that needs to be created or direct me to a source/reference (eg. A website or book) that may have examples of templates?

    1. Dear Nisha,
      They are as follow:
      – P: producer
      – R: reviewer
      – A: Approver

      When they come with parentheses, it means that the action/responsibility is outside the process.
      I totally forgot to add a legend! I’ll do it as soon as possible.

  3. The detailed Prince 2 diagram appears to be a low resolution image. Can you post a higher resolution image suitable for printing? Thanks. Loved the Simple Process diagram. Already shared it with our 3 project managers. The detailed has some additional info per high level process and additional flows that I can’t make out in the low res detailed image.

    1. Dear Bradly,
      The whole diagram is in vector format, with almost no raster images inside; so, you should be able to print it with a very high quality.
      Maybe you should make some changes in your printing settings, or use another piece of software for printing.

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