PRINCE2 Awareness, free email course

I’ve been trying to find a way to make it as easy as possible for many people to learn the basics of PRINCE2 project management method, and the result was this course: PRINCE2 Awareness, One Step a Day

The whole course is delivered to the participant’s email box; one lesson per day. Lessons are very short and simple. They need only 2 or 3 minutes per day, and one can also read them on a mobile phone in the way to work, or at any otherwise wasted time.


PRINCE2 Awareness course


100 PDUs for only $99: Limited Offer

Is it only me, or do you also feel there’s a problem?

People are expected to present their “professional development” for renewing their PMP, or similar certificates. However, they are only focused on gettingPDUs; or better say, buying them. This is also clearly, and even boldly, mentioned in the related advertisement; some of which even popping up on the PMI website from third-party institutes.

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R-PMP: The Future Certificate from PMI?




I had a conversation with a PMP a while back, when he said something strange about PMBOK. I kept asking some question and finally spotted the single, simple, bitter problem: the guy doesn’t have a clue about the PMBOK Guide!

But wait, the guy was a PMP, so, shouldn’t he know the stuff? Well, seemingly no. I collected more information through my investigation: the guy took a full-week PMP “boot camp” seven months before. A luxurious one of course, with food and drink and… you get it. Then he takes the exam, and passes it, without touching the PMBOK Guide once in his life. Seemingly, the whole point of the boot camp is to teach them “how to pass the exam”, guaranteeing they will not get into trouble of learning anything extra, such as the PMBOK Guide…

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The Scrum Master Training Manual

This scrum master training manual is easy to read and offers a complete guide to understanding Scrum; the most famous Agile framework. It’s actually a guide for The Scrum Guide, and helpful for the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master level 1) exam candidates.


The Scrum Master Training Manual


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